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In Memoriam

This page is devoted to our beloved friends who are no longer with us. We honor and give thanks for the time they allowed us to share with them. They will always be a part of our pack. Now, they are free to run in the Spirit World and live the life they deserved.

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We’re sad to share the news of the passing of one of our outstanding volunteers, Marcus Graffam.  Marcus was a smart and compassionate soul who had a strong connection with the wolves, hybrids, and other volunteers at the sanctuary.  He was always bright and kind – even when doing the not-as-desirable chores like picking up the poop!  It was easy to see the strong bond Marcus had with all the members of our pack, but especially with one of our hybrids, Trouble.  They really understood each other on a deeper level than most.  Everyone, wolf and human alike, will miss him greatly.   Please visit Poitras, Neal & York Funeral Home’s Website to read his obituary, and thank you so much to all the people who have been donating to the sanctuary in his memory.  RIP Marcus, may your soul continue to run with the wolves forever.



Bear shared a very special connection with our volunteers, especially with our manager Sharon.  He came to us with his sister Blue, who passed over the rainbow bridge the year before.  He was a very vocal guy who loved his treats.  He also enjoyed when people spent time sitting and chatting with him in his area.  Bear was brave, overcoming his fears and trusting in the volunteers at RWWS.  We will miss him terribly, and we ask that our supporters continue to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves in his honor.



Yasha was a very sweet girl who spent just under a year with us before passing over the rainbow bridge.  She shared an enclosure with Kota, one of our other hybrids.  They both got along very well, playing and walking together every day.  They were the silliest of friends and would steal each other’s food when the other wasn’t looking!  Kota and the rest of the sanctuary will miss Yasha dearly, but we are so happy that she was able to spend the rest of her life in a home full of love.



Blue’s time at the sanctuary was short, but memorable.  She came to us with her brother Bear after their previous owner no longer had the ability to care for them.  When she arrived, she was already older in age and had some health issues.  Her life was happy at RWWS under the care of Manager Sharon and the other volunteers.  Blue was such a sweet and cute little girl, and we are thankful that we could give her a loving, comfortable home to live out her life.

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary


Shadow came to us on Christmas Day 2012.  She came from a lonely situation where she needed more interaction with people.  She passed away after a long struggle from an illness.  She touched many lives of all visitors and volunteers over the years.  She loved treats, belly rubs, she would lay her paw on your arm when you stop rubbing her tummy, and she gave the best doggy kisses.  Shadow helped so many in her days at the Sanctuary.  She was ornery in personality, she had a huge heart, her eyes would melt your heart, and she was sweetest girl you would ever meet.



Mystica, also known as “Misty,” was a beautiful hybrid who came to us in April 2015.  She was very high percentage wolf and always kept that wild nature.  When volunteers came to spend time with her, she would love to sit on your lap and lay at your feet for belly rubs.  She would even occasionally give little love nips on your leg to get your attention and say hello!  She passed away after a short time with us, but she will always be remembered as a loving, amazing member of our pack.

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

Tazlina “Taz”

Tazlina, “Taz”, a pure grey wolf, had been at the sanctuary longer than any of our other wolves.  When she came to us, she was seven months old and very sick with pancreatitis.  She suffered from other health issues, including residual post-traumatic stress disorder from her prior home.  Tazlina’s experience is, unfortunately, all too typical of wolves who are adopted as pets.  With loving and devoted care, we were able to nurse her back to health.  Even though she retained her wild spirit, she became less fearful of visitors and volunteers over time.

A slideshow of others who have passed and are sadly missed:

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