Runs With Wolves Sanctuary

A Wolf Rescue and Education Center

Trouble and Breeze

Trouble and Breeze are both hybrids who came to us in September 2016 along with Kota after their owner passed away.


Trouble (also known as Papa T) is a personality of his own!  He is one of the largest members of our pack, but he thinks he’s still the size of a puppy.

This silly boy loves his treats and belly rubs just like his mother.  He has 2 toys generously given to him by one of our volunteers, Nicole, that he now considers as his own babies (seen in the picture on the left).  When visiting, keep an eye out, as he will often greet you with one of his babies!

Breeze is Trouble mom, and she is the sweetest thing!  She loves her treats, belly rubs, and attention from all the new visitors who come to see her.


She is very good at reminding volunteers when it is time for food and is always very excited when she sees breakfast coming.

Her age and status as a mother haven’t slowed her down at all – she is very active and loves to run around and wrestle with her son!

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