Runs With Wolves Sanctuary

A Wolf Rescue and Education Center

Lomasi and Anoki

In July 2010, Lomasi and her brother, Anoki, pure gray wolves, came to join our pack.



We had a pen set up for them, ready and waiting. The two wolves walked side by side, smelling everything in their new forever home.

Each time they approached a volunteer, they paused, as if to say “Thank you,” causing a ripple effect of emotion among us.

Anoki’s and Lomasi’s positive and accepting responses to their new home completed the whole experience of rescuing them.  We felt wonderful to know that they were home at last.



Lomasi and Anoki can be quite the characters — running in circles in anticipation of dinner,  chasing after snowballs, or carrying buckets around in their mouths.  They love playing with toys, chewing on bones, and getting lots of love from the volunteers.

Even though one can get a good laugh at their antics, Anoki and Lomasi are social, graceful, breathtaking, and inspiring.  They are true ambassadors of the wolf.

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