Runs With Wolves Sanctuary

A Wolf Rescue and Education Center


Volunteers are essential to any non-profit group or organization.  These hard-working individuals dedicate their time and services, whether it be short-term or for a lifetime.  We honor them for all that they do for the wolves.  Our volunteers spend time with the wolves, help with chores, and assist with other projects to maintain a safe and efficient operation of the sanctuary.  Time and again, our volunteers have said they enjoy working here so much, that before they know it, time has slipped by and they never realized they were “working.”

Please consider volunteering at our sanctuary.  No experience is required.  Sharon, with the help of skilled volunteers, will teach you all you need to know about the wolves, their habitats, their behaviors, and the sanctuary itself.  This is a unique opportunity for a veterinarian student studying wildlife medicine, an environmentalist interested in preserving nature’s wonders, a group or student looking for community service, or anyone with the time and lots of love in their hearts to share.

To become a volunteer, please contact us by calling 207-289-7571, emailing the sanctuary at [email protected], or contact us on Facebook.



Sharon Gonzalez – Manager
In May 2014, I was given the opportunity to become a part of the sanctuary. Since working for 5 kennels and a veterinarian office, I have always wanted to get into doing rescues.

There is something about the grounds, something beyond words. The wolf is my guide, my totem, and this experience is one that fills my heart and soul. Every day I spend with them I am blessed to learn much about their behaviors and their love they give to me.



Nicole Ortiz – Volunteer
I have been passionate about animals since I was a child. Always have been fascinated with them and when I had the opportunity to join the pack in July 2015, I was excited to be here and learn from the wolves.

I always talk about the sanctuary and how it’s so peaceful to me and having them show their love is just an amazing feeling that I still don’t get over it. I’m always out there advocating for these beautiful and majestic animals, I hope you are too.



Kathy Sweezey – Volunteer
I joined the pack in 2015 after moving here from Florida with my husband.  Down south, I was working at a zoo in Tampa and an animal outreach program for children with disabilities.  I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, focusing on Environmental Education.

My passion lies with advocating for the beautiful animals who we share this world with and how best to protect them.  I have always had a love for wolves specifically.  As a child, others would often poke fun at how my favorite animal was so “scary,” and I would always have to explain how awesome wolves really are!  Not much has changed since then, as I am still proudly expressing my love for wolves and their importance to the environment.


20620837_10155709065766654_3448699274293208064_nBrett Sweezey – Volunteer
I was first accepted into the pack in 2016 after my wife (a volunteer herself!) convinced me to be a part of the magical experience that comes from being around the wolves and hybrids at this sanctuary. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in marine biology at the University of New England and I have a passion for studying sharks; however, when I was given the opportunity to work with wolves I jumped at the chance.

I have enjoyed my time here as a volunteer at this sanctuary because I have learned to become comfortable and interact with these animals in a society where wolves are labeled as “vicious” and “dangerous” just like sharks. Wolves are misunderstood as a species, but anyone who is willing to spend time with these animals will soon realize that the bonds formed between yourself and these rescues may never be broken.




Paul Moriarty – Volunteer
I’m currently a college student at the University of New Hampshire studying Zoology.  I’ve been at the sanctuary since early 2017 and have enjoyed every minute of it.  What I like most about working here is getting hands on experience with amazing animals and being able to interact with amazing people.  There’s always something new to learn and to pick up skills I never though I’d need, not only for working with wolves but for life after.

By definition, a sanctuary is a place of welcome, and this place is no different.  For those of paws and those wishing to care for them.


Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

Pauline Cilley – Volunteer
I have been with the sanctuary since May 2008. Most of my volunteer time is working on the grounds making sure the sanctuary is kept in good order. The advantage of being a volunteer is the love of the wolves and what they give to me.

There is definitely a spiritual connection. I gain strength from working with the other volunteers and with the wolves. Here I am at peace. Here I can find my way through the chaos of life. The wolves give me comfort and guidance.


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