Runs With Wolves Sanctuary

A Wolf Rescue and Education Center

Dakota and Loon

Dakota and Loon joined our pack in May 2013.



Dakota, a grey wolf/Malamute mix, is completely blind. He came to us from terrible circumstances, where he was at risk for being euthanized.

Sweet and gentle, he touches his nose on objects to guide himself in his pen. When he leaps up to give hugs and kisses, there is no force or aggression – only soft paws and friendliness.

His calm personality, combined with his bravery for overcoming tremendous odds, makes Dakota one of our most inspiring animals.

Loon is an arctic wolf/Husky mix. She is timid and shy to most people, yet she has warmed up quickly to the volunteers who work with her on a daily basis.



She was named for the “loon” cry she gives off when excited.

She shares a pen with Dakota, and the two have become great pals. Loon is very playful and is known to steal Dakota’s toys or pop out of the hut and nip him so he will chase her.

Loon and Dakota are not up for adoption, and they will stay at Runs with Wolves for the rest of their natural days.

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