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Wolf Warriors – a pro-wolf anthology


Hey there everyone! Anoki here!

I just wanted to share a book with you. It’s called Wolf Warriors – The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Charity Anthology. It is a collection of pro-wolf stories, essays, poetry, and artwork written by wolf lovers across the globe!

It is a must-read book featuring bestselling author David Clement-Davies and award-winning artist Lauren Strohacker.

And, would you believe that our very own Runs with Wolves Sanctuary is mentioned in one of the articles?

Wolf Warriors - a pro-wolf book

It’s true! It’s true!

The article is titled, “An Essay on Wolf Rescue,” a shout-out to non-profit organizations that work hard to help and protect wolves and other imperiled species.

The book is available on Amazon: Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Charity Anthology

Your purchase will help save wolves. Please won’t you consider buying a copy for yourself or a loved one? And when you do, definitely check out “An Essay on Wolf Rescue” to learn more about people like Brenda who give their heart and soul to us 4-legged howlers.


Over and out,


6 thoughts on “Wolf Warriors – a pro-wolf anthology

  1. henrietta abeyta

    ANOKI BIG BOY, AWOOOOO! I YOUR UT FRIEND Jasmine Olson study you repeatedly with what you do in respectful fiction. I also study YELLOWSTONE FACTS, fantasy or religion stories I never ever at all feel far from wolves ANOKI. My imagination makes it quite easy to nearly see through you comparing what animals I can kind of read the spirit and behavior of as well as their reasons for each, I Jasmine Olson with AUTISM AND EPILEPSY am full of sympathy about what you wolves and I both experience repeatedly in life while we face huge crowds of strangers being misunderstood a lot, I always feel close to you looking at a photo, using my imagination or just emotionally understanding you, plus how I can’t tell if it’s my spirit, my courage or my autism that strongly connected me to the admirable wolves ANOKI

    I read numerous chapter books of wolves ANOKI but the book you mention does sound interesting to try to find. Plus like I told your beautiful sister I’ll tell you too WOLF COLORING BOOKS are what I’m going to purchase myself for soothing myself after Grandma goes to Heaven.

    Self-satisfaction is the thing that you wolves increase in my personal soul not any bad feelings at all, I totally wish I could really meet a calm wolf face to face. I’d be cautious, however I’d also be calm and patient..

    Even with my AUTISM AND EPILEPSY it isn’t, wild, bratty, or afraid I fit at all, no not one bit, I HAVE MY DISABILITIES HOWEVER LOYAL, PEACEFUL, AND AND CAUTIOUS ARE THE POSITIVE MATCHES I HAVE WITH YOU EFFICIENT WOLVES. I can understand spirits of other people enough to not fight at all!!

    It’s your’ true friend in UT speaking for you again on this site, your friend Jasmine Olson.
    I don’t care what site I speak for wolves on as long as it’s a safe site, wish you luck ANIOKI!


  2. henrietta abeyta

    Wolf and Bat
    Wolf and Owl
    Wolf and Dragon
    Wolf and Dolphin

    Reading TOTEM ANIMAL FACTS ONLINE, these are the animals I’ve easily compared wolves with so far judging scenes as well as character and the story’s core.

    What’s better about the wolves than our ape cousins, several behavior facts. Human are close cousins to apes still the apes would be harder to handle near houses, but wolves have their good flexibility!! I’m sure that’s one of the main reasons we humans never chose to tame apes.

    Wolf and Bear
    Wolf and Fox
    Wolf and Rabbit
    Wolf and Coyote
    Wolf and Eagle
    Wolf and Lion
    Wolf and Tiger

    sibling or spouse theses are some of the common pairs in fiction as well as photos online

    ANOKI there are those who hate to see BALTO on coloring page sites but he’s a cousin of yours I’m willing to try to increase good luck for. I find BALTO Heroic myself , ANOKI!!

    AUTISM and Epilepsy, I really believe you wolves are the ones who helped me not give up trying to find my way during my hard days of school, because once in a while I feel like one of you wolves is standing beside me giving me guidance to find the hidden door on my path to my fresh start. My Flexibility is another positive way I match you helpful wolves, ANOKI. With being disabled I didn’t really find my way until I was finished with the LIFE PROGRAM in Ogden at Canyon View. Plus I fit the wise reactions of an ALPHA wolf repeatedly in quizzes, only that in human form my physical strength isn’t at the same level.

    and if people want to learn how protective you wolves can actually be they could choose to watch two of DISNEY’S Old Movies that include a friendly but protective wolf, ANOKI.

    WHITE FANG 2 MYTH OF THE WHITE WOLF it’s a straight Disney video!!

    these two movies prove how sincere you wolves are even with your human friends. I’m able to distinguish mad from being protective, even when it’s a wolf helping a human stay safe.

    This is the same friend showing examples of study and support she’s willing to give the wolves as well as how you wolves are emotionally her TOTEM ANIMAL.

    Jasmine Olson speaking for your pack again wanting you alive while she agrees when your wolf pictures say SEE ME FOR WHAT I AM NOT AS YOU WISH TO USE ME, and LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM NOT FOR WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE, this true friend totally agrees ANOKI.


  3. henrietta abeyta

    I Jasmine Olson your UT. friend believe because of my AUTISM and EPILEPSY, without you wolves I wouldn’t have clear conscience I’d just be walking in crowds confused like a drifter or an outcast. With Your guidance and my real sincere compassion combined I’m touched peacefully. I have no trouble finding the messages in your stories old or new, in comparing attitude I understand wolves more than dogs ANOKI, mostly because the dogs bark more repeatedly.

    Books and Movies I don’t shop weekly, but ANOKI when it comes to pleasant looking wolf items of any kind I peek non-stop, online or when they kind of leap out at you at stores, or also when they’re mentioned by another person or the good friends like you.


  4. henrietta abeyta

    With the numerous stories of wolves I’ve read myself, it repeats within me, with each style.


    Both help my conscience. You wolves are the ones who’ve made quotes clearer for me, thanks!

    Song of the SUMMER KING would be a great book for your sister to share online ANOKI the female wolf on this fiction book’s cover, she helped me see enemies don’t only do with government stuff. Odessa the female wolf in Beyond the Valley of Thorns is the one who helped me see the total freedom true friends give each other.


  5. henrietta abeyta

    SPELLFALL a fantasy book I see worth buying. It has wolves as well as unicorns. Wolves help spell lords and spell ladies stay steady as well as efficient. One of the wolves helps Natalie figure out who she is. Magehounds are what wolves are considered in this fantasy book ANOKI. Plus as I’m going to buy a few books that have just a unicorn kingdom and several that have wolves doing different helpful things with their best friends, this would be a great book to connect the two kingdoms together with, because both are respected in this fantasy story. Unicorn and Wolves too. This book also has Merlin the wizard in his childhood.

    SPELLFALL by Katherine Roberts.

    Jasmine Olson mentioning another book she considers entertaining.


  6. henrietta abeyta

    CAUTION is what you wolves help me strike. you help me with my emotional puzzles. I’ll tell you ANOKI I enjoy imagining wolves more than imagining angels. Imagining angels I feel left alone since they’re so busy going to and fro continuously but when I imagine a wolf I feel my courage and firm preparation.


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