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Shh. This is a covert blog post.


Hey there everybody!

I’m Loon, and I’m real happy to meet ya. Finally! All Lomasi and Anoki talk about is getting a chance to blog on the website. When I asked for my turn, they told me I’m too young. Young? Young! Little do they know, I am verrry mature for my age. And, I proved it by letting our people pet Dakota without barking at them to pay attention to me!

But, they still wouldn’t let me have a turn.

So, I stole the laptop.


Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

It’s a nice day to steal a laptop…I mean, it’s a nice day to hang out and cause no trouble. Yep, that’s me, no trouble at all!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m gonna be in big trouble. But, don’t worry. I’ll be very careful. I know I can’t get dirt into the keyboard, I have to keep it out of the rain, and I can’t drop rocks on it.

I pinky-swear promise I’ll get the laptop back where it belongs and no one will ever know what I did. Except you, and you won’t tell, will ya? It’ll be our little secret, right?

‘K. So, anyway, I thought it’d be fun to tell ya ‘bout what I like to do. Right now, I share a pen with Dakota. We like to play together. I really like to pester him (that’s one of my best qualities), and he’ll get annoyed and chase me. (Which is what I was after in the first place. I love being chased!)

I like to chill out with a piece of watermelon – that’s my favoriteist treat ever! If you happen to have an extra watermelon stashed in your pocket, will you send some to me? I’ll be your bestest friend ever!

I also love to play with my pet rock, Mr. Froggie. I like to nose it around and play hide ‘n seek with it.


Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

This is me, and my pet rock, Mr. Froggie.

Another fun time I have is when Dakota and I dig holes inside our pens. Generally, wolves are uber-serious about digging. Know why? We like to dig dens to raise our pups. Dens protect the pups from extreme temperatures and from predators.

Digging also keeps our claws at an appropriate length. Yeah, ask Lomasi about that. She’s a pedicure expert!

But, secretly, Dakota and I have another reason for digging. We’re looking for buried treasure. We’re certain there’s something deep down in the earth that we could use – like some raw meat and bones, bandages, a freezer, or work gloves. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I snooped at our needs list.) Stuff like that is treasure to the sanctuary, and if Dakota and I dug it up, we’d be heroes!

The awesome volunteers at the sanctuary don’t seem to mind us digging, even when they accidentally step in a hole. Or three. It’s part of our nature, and we’re really lucky that our people understand that!

Okay, I better get this laptop back in its proper place before anyone notices it’s gone. Then, I’m gonna go hunting for treasure!

‘Till next time!

4 thoughts on “Shh. This is a covert blog post.

  1. henrietta abeyta

    Some real comprehension here Loon dear, I love you wolves enough that I write repeatedly and I have some totally unique opinions I’m forced to hide so I don’t make the priest mad. I kind of mix Asia Europe and The Americas together in my personal imagination of wolves. It’s just how the old beliefs of your helpful efficient packs are mentioned a lot less today, plus I add the fictional to the real forming my very own WONDERLAND with wolves all over the place all around me. and I’ve also had the times when the only reasons I’m left out of a game are I’M AUTISTIC, MY EPILEPSY SCARES OTHERS, OR MY HEIGTH MAKING THE REST FORGET ME I’m less than 5 feet though I’m an adult, no real sensible reason with justice. This injustice of mine happened daily in day care for these unfair reasons Loon. So I don’t know the level your emotions are at, but I know how you feel about having to prove your maturity and longing to have a turn to do something too, after the rest had many turns.

    I still have too prove my true maturity while volunteering at the libraries dear Loon, they think I don’t have the skills until I prove that I can actually sort well, count well, and know the alphabet well enough to not mess up shelves, again because of my autism, Loon, so I also know how you feel when you quietly ask for your chances to do a helpful task that’ll prove your strength.

    I’ve known about wolves digging deep wide dens for the pups but I didn’t know digging helped with claw length. And I know how you and Dakota feeling about finding treasure Loon, because repeatedly I’m searching for a certain recent printed out coloring page, or searching for a recent personal drawing I did independently. WOLVES ARE WHAT I DRAW THE MOST Loon!!!

    Mandalas with small wolves
    drawing of wolves in the wild
    drawing of wolves doing something fun with a fiction friend
    the skillful tracing of a coloring page of a wolf
    doing wolf drawing that’ll help me do a ceramic wolf’s coat when it can be painted
    cool wolf card of my personal emotion shown at least to my loyal Grandma
    wolf canvas pictures I chose to draw for myself

    plus that I peak at wolf merchandise purchasing a few wolf items for emotional reasons. Wolf Coloring Books are what I’ll use for soothing myself when Grandma goes to Heaven. and I’ll never get rid of my few wolf jewelries, never!

    Heroes because you found a treasure that belonged to the sanctuary I have sympathy there because running and digging look at the hard work your historic cousin BALTO did.

    BALTO3 WINGS OF CHANGE he saves pilot who crashed a pine tree while racing sled dogs!

    These are animated.

    Dig, Search, Play, Your KINDNESS is quite clear LOON!! AWOO keep enjoying your new home!

    your UT friend speaking for you Jasmine Olson


  2. henrietta abeyta

    More with books and movies than a laptop dear Loon, however like you, I’m adventurous too. Especially with the wolf packs. it doesn’t matter if it’s a story or a pictures I always feel invited to go and visit a wolf pack or welcome to follow a few fiction wolves at a times. I have my AUTISM and EPILEPSY however I’m able to read 3 to 6 fiction books a month from 1 library.

    I Jasmine Olson understand your enjoyment of exploration dear Loon.


  3. henrietta abeyta

    SPELLFALL I believe would be one of the most entertaining fantasy books dear Loon. Wolves are one of the main characters to keep following after you’ve entered Earthhaven. Staying steady and efficient are what these wolves considered magehounds help there masters with besides sniffing the spells that are buried under the dirt, spell lords and spell ladies are who they stay with. Unicorns let these spell lords and spell ladies ride on their backs. And Merlin the wizard is a child in this Spellfall book by Katherine Roberts.

    Useful memories and useless memories
    Insults and Truth

    These are the 4 things this fantasy book can help skillful readers split quick. and there are some scenes of magic that can make the reader laugh a bit. Gladness instead of fear during the tour of Earthhaven I believe Spellfall by Katherine Roberts is a fantasy book worth buying.

    love you Loon


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