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My New Home


Hello friends,

My name is Dakota. I’m happy to have this chance to talk with you about my new life here at the sanctuary.

I’m a wolf-dog, half-wolf and half-Malamute. I’m also completely blind. Brenda, the woman who runs the sanctuary, helped me escape a terrible situation and brought me here.

My new home.Dakota, a blind wolf, at Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

My original circumstances make it tough for me to feel trust, or to feel comfortable around people, or to get used to new things. Being blind doesn’t make it any easier.

Lucky for me, I have an awesome nose. Did you know that wolves’ sense of smell is about 100 times stronger than that of humans? We can smell prey from miles away…hey, do I smell deer?

I use my nose, ears, and touch to help me learn my surroundings. Oh, and Loon helps out, too. Although, I think she likes to misguide me just so she can have first dibs on watermelon.

I want you all to know how important sanctuaries are for animals like me. It’s not like a zoo where I’m used for entertainment. I’m not kept as a pet. A sanctuary is a place where I can be safe, stress-free, healthy. A place where I can live the rest of my natural life in peace. A place where I can be with other wolves (which is important, because our natural social structure is a pack system, like a family).

I could never live in the wild because I don’t have the survival skills I’d need out there. (I might be able to sniff out deer, but I have no idea how to go about catching one.) I can’t be a pet because I was mistreated and now my trust of humans is damaged. So, I’m in a tough spot, middle-of-the-road kind of spot. Not a fun place to be.

I’m very lucky that Brenda helped me. I don’t know what would have happened if it weren’t for Brenda, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t have been good.

I know there are other wolves and wolf-dogs out there in really awful situations. They need help. They need a Brenda.

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

Brenda with Taz, a pure grey wolf, at Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

But, sanctuaries can’t do it on their own. So, if you can, help out a sanctuary near you. Whatever you have: time, money, supplies, support – anything is helpful. Even if it feels small to you, it will be enormous to the sanctuary.


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Thanks for listening and helping,

6 thoughts on “My New Home

  1. henrietta abeyta

    Wondering who to trust, I your friend Jasmine Olson have sympathy Dakota, I had very little idea about who to trust in school, with my AUTISM and EPILEPSY problems. National Parks, Zoos, Sanctuaries, therapies for gentle ones like Shadow and pure cousins of yours, sled pullers or in the wild I care about you wolves no matter where you are Dakota. Emotionally you’re my spirit animal.

    Self-satisfaction you wolves help me increase
    keeping a positive self-concept you wolves help me not lose
    The confidence of finding a friend you wolves helped me hold during childhood, thank you.
    experiences you wolves and I Jasmine Olson share I can discover easily while reading books.
    Having clear conscience you wolves help me increase the possibilities of.

    courage, flexibility, loyalty, peace, and being cautious I match you wolves in attitude managements, and a few personal reactions of struggling or moments of feeling nervous. heart and soul I can easily learn from you wolves I can find hidden messages in you stories. I wish to meet a calm wolf face to face even if it has to be at a sanctuary, YELLOWSTONE is the other place I’m dreamy about going to, Dakota. I’ve been able to quietly touch your pure cousins who do therapy work Dakota. I study wolf stuff repeatedly. you wolves entertain me quite well Dakota. I enjoy you wolves enough to buy coloring books of wolves to soothe myself when Grandma goes to Heaven Dakota. I’ve had a few night dreams with wolves. I was good at science in school, I’m full of Consideration for wolves Dakota. I can read enough of your facial expressions ear movements and tail motion to be one of your best supporters Dakota. I can distinguish mad, sad, nervous, and your passions including you sincere actions of protection Dakota, I mean I can read your gestures and figure out your reasons, only that I don’t know what you’re trying to say vocally while howling however I know you wolves have real wisdom.

    Your UT friend speaking for you.


  2. henrietta abeyta

    You’d have quite a simple life with me too Dakota it isn’t only that rescue people and scientists have discover autistic and sadly abused kids to look wild in attitude. I match you positively.

    GUIDANCE from your books and movies plus that I function enough that the other positive surprise is my real sincere COMPASSION, with these two things combined I’m touched peacefully. wihout you wolves I wouldn’t know how to face outdoor crowds as calmly. Like it’s thanks to the guidance from you wolves that I can handle life skillfully with good manners without forgetting myself, while it’s thanks to Grandma that I can usually understand behaviors. Your howls don’t sound fearful to me dear Dakota I hear your howls more like a loud cheer when I hear from within my imagination. Plus I know howling is just the one of your vocal ways to communicate so I’m not scared when I hear real howls either Dakota. I also like listening to CDs that you howl in with instrumental songs played by musicians. In videos I can distinguish your howls of joion me, prepare yourselves, don’t lose courage, I’m over here dear, 1 2 3 go, I’ll miss you, or your happy howls saying I’m finally back because I watch YELLOWSTONE video repeatedly not just animated plus movies like The Journey of Natty Gann and White Fang 2 The Myth of the White Wolf. Also when I’m reading a non-fiction book of wolves I study your lifestyle and your most commonly seen attitude just for safety, to read your more properly when you’re really in my sight. I’d be looking at you calmly even when we’re face to face Dakota. I’m willing to be your voice on any safe site. I love wolves enough that if it was affordable I’d be arguing with the meanest states to protect you.

    Idaho absolutely
    Alaska I’d be as cautious as possible
    Iron Mountains I’d try to block the humans from your den, or I’d at least try
    New Mexico I’d try to watch your rude foes’ reactions so you had a chance to escape
    Here in UT. I’d do my best to watch the dogs who stood the closest to you, for your safety

    And it doesn’t matter which state at all, I’d always rush up when a foe started a scary gun!! To cause distraction. I can’t stand to lose you wolves from anywhere. You wolves are the animal I really understand enough to feel invited or welcome to follow, when I see photos of you!


    Your UT. friend Jasmine Olson again.


  3. henrietta abeyta

    Relaxation and Self-satisfaction you wolves help me increase quickly!

    My Enthusiasm and my Compassion will always be within me, Dakota. You wolves have a large variety of stories, and You help me much more than school did. It’s Grandma and you wolves who help me picture life both clearly and properly without doubt thanks!


  4. henrietta abeyta

    I absolutely love wolves, in fact I can make up my own enchanted landscapes that sound like serene homelands that wolves would be in charge. Besides my Grandma Dakota you wolves are everything to me.

    the animal I draw the most
    the animal that gives me the clearest guidance from its stories
    that animal I understand the attitude of doubtlessly
    the animal I’m extremely dreamy about
    the animal I long to meet someday
    the animal I give the most compassion
    the animal who entertains me as well as soothes me
    the animal I’d write about the most if I was an Author who sold books

    Your UT friend Jasmine Olson expressing her interest as well as her imagination of wolves.


  5. henrietta abeyta

    Action and Imagination

    In the human world slavery is what I can’t handle, and in the animal world cruelty is what I can’t handle EMOTIONALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t find wolves creepy at all Dakota. I fit their totem and in other quizzes I fit the alpha more often than the beta. I’d have a simple time playing with you Dakota I’ve stood near your Malamute cousins at times when one’s saying come have some fun with me please barking softly at another dog while camping. I greet your cousins behind fences, on our neighborhood block or on the trail as we walk, I’ve also greeted them at a building of the Life Program and an Independent Living Center place.

    My BELIEF is, if I can BRAVELY PLAY WITH a wolves’ cousin then I can sure LEARN their daily COMMUNICATION TOO, with self-confidence and patience I’ve seen how you pay more attention to your masters than those asking permission to do something with you however you listen to both. at a camping place I’ve seen how active your play time is, you feel your FREEDOM! And joy and freedom are what I feel while being active too dear Dakota.


  6. henrietta abeyta

    And Dakota I’ve also seen when your pure wolf cousins at zoos laugh thinking WELL THIS ONE’S HAVING A GOOD TIME while they’re sitting. SLED DOG AND HERDING DOGS they’re my two favorite classes to meet dear Dakota. TOYS AND RIDES I wouldn’t mind which one I was doing while meeting a sled dog or, a herding dog who had a sled dog friend! When I dream of having fun with calm wolves, herding dogs who know a sled dog, or a sled dog who pulls either a wheel chair or a sled, my main question is if I raced you in wide open space how far behind would I be while we did the race running on our feet?????????

    Jasmine Olson sharing how much joy and enthusiasm she’d feel if she met with a wolf, a wolfdog, Malamute, Husky, or Eskimo dog either in a field or in a canyon seeing each other face to face for a few minutes. THE NEW FRIENDSIP WOULD ONLY GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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